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This site contains a variety of resources for supporting both teaching and learning in online settings, including one-on-one assistance for Faculty with online course development using U of T tools.

Students can also review suggestions for preparing and handling online courses from the learner’s perspective. This is a work in progress: join us in learning and teaching about online learning and teaching. 

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Racially diverse family
Teresas Avery

Should I be part of THIS conversation?

As part of the University of Toronto Covid-19 Student Engagement Grant, I was awarded, with two colleagues, a grant to facilitate an online panel discussion. This discussion is centered on

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Derek header image of phone apps
Derek Hunt

Micro-videos as an online assessment submission format

Videos are a great way to mimic classroom activities. You normally ask students to tell/show/demonstrate in your classroom, why not the same now that they are at home? A great thing about online digital submissions, is that they can be any format – pictures, sounds, video, let students be creative.

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Teresas Avery


  I read a LinkedIn post recently by Dr. Steve Joordens, a Professor at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. Steve’s posts are always relevant, timely and a quick read, which is why I like reading them. During Covid-19 and this new ‘normal’,

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