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This site contains a variety of resources for supporting both teaching and learning in online settings, including one-on-one assistance for Faculty with online course development using U of T tools.

Students can also review suggestions for preparing and handling online courses from the learner’s perspective. This is a work in progress: join us in learning and teaching about online learning and teaching. 

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Racially diverse family
Teresas Avery

Should I be part of THIS conversation?

As part of the University of Toronto Covid-19 Student Engagement Grant, I was awarded, with two colleagues, a grant to facilitate an online panel discussion. This discussion is centered on

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Anuli Ndubuisi

Understanding Online Learning Formats

Did you know that online learning can occur in different formats? Yes, the same way that different instructors use different teaching approaches in the classroom, they would also utilize different

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Derek header image of phone apps
Derek Hunt

Micro-videos as an online assessment submission format

Videos are a great way to mimic classroom activities. You normally ask students to tell/show/demonstrate in your classroom, why not the same now that they are at home? A great thing about online digital submissions, is that they can be any format – pictures, sounds, video, let students be creative.

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