Well, the weather has warmed up in Toronto and the humidity is here to stay! The summer is now upon us. While this summer will likely feel much different than summers past, we are excited to make the most of it none-the-less. Check out my bucket list below. I hope to have checked off every item before the fall!  

To make your own bucket list, reflect on these questions:  

What is important to you?  

Is there a skill or hobby you’ve always wanted to take up but never had time for?  

How do you find joy?  

What can you do that is healthy for both your mind and your body?  

Then write down as many things as you can in 5 minutes, remember no idea is a bad idea. Review your list.  
Can you make any of those ideas more tangible? More specific?  
Refine your list.  
Rewrite it.  
Hang it up.  
Look at it every day and check things off as you go!   

Here is a photo of my rough brainstorm. You can see lots of ideas, less specific, and it’s quite messy!  

This is my final bucket list. I’m going to put it on the door of my fridge.  

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