April 2, 2020

It’s all in the perspective!

Before COVID-19 hit our worlds and disrupted our realities, I had an entire village to help me manage my life and raise my kids…Now I don’t get to spend hours on reading and writing for my school..

Student working

Just handed it in….that just happened…

So I just handed in a project to my last class for my Ph.D. The class was a challenge to me, research methods. Also, I was lucky enough to have started the project early–before the world was turned upside down. And, by handing it in: huge sigh of relief. Yes, I think I could have gotten an extension. But I doubt, tbh if I would have worked more on it. And the relief of checking a box was–not going to lie–amazing.

Girl looking at tablet

Preparing for an Online Class

Before joining an online learning class, I would suggest that you prepare for it a bit similar to how you would prepare for a face-to-face class…A strategy that has proved useful is to ensure that your door is not visible to other participants when placing your device.


Feeling Spring

As so much of daily life is now tech-based, I am actively making an effort to “unplug” during my daily walks…Using this time to wander gives my mind space and time to decompress.