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Curriculum questions: Where to start?

I change my profile picture to a picture of myself that I uploaded to the system though I am wondering whether I should keep the daisy since it is better to look at a flower than to look at myself (Oztok, 2020)

Oh…so THIS is online learning

First, take a breath. You’ve got this. Then, Start here>> Write down important dates. For a short course, I add to my online calendar and I make an index card I can check off…..Have a time, and a backup time for course work, and try to make it stick.

Meme about teaching online

Think about equity in your online discussion

Recently, Phoebe Kang and the library resource team developed a great resource around Equity Focused Digital Pedagogy and Learning… I am just reading through some of the great resources and loved this one about Faculty Focus on “Supporting International Students in the Online Environment”. The article highlights very practical challenges in teaching foreign students.

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Anticipate the Unexpected

For teachers and students in this upside-down world, we have to think about how to anticipate the unexpected. What if you are sick? Right now we have to be very careful to not get run down, and to stay healthy. If you are sick, as an instructor, have a plan in place.

Teaching online soon? What students want…

As a teacher, what can you do to make your online course less stressful for students? …Give the students 2-3 times of virtual office hours each week… Schedule 2 days off per week. 

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Just handed it in….that just happened…

So I just handed in a project to my last class for my Ph.D. The class was a challenge to me, research methods. Also, I was lucky enough to have started the project early–before the world was turned upside down. And, by handing it in: huge sigh of relief. Yes, I think I could have gotten an extension. But I doubt, tbh if I would have worked more on it. And the relief of checking a box was–not going to lie–amazing.