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How to Keep Things Interactive in Online Courses

Supporting interactivity means providing opportunities for students to engage with the course content, the teacher, and their peers in ways that make their thinking visible…There are lots of ways that this kind of interactivity can be supported through online learning environments.

Structuring Assessment in Online Courses

We now have the opportunity to re-think them with a different mindset…I have listed some ways that online instructors can consider structuring both formal and informal assessments, as well as types of assignments.

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Structuring Group Work in Online Courses

Instructors may wonder whether group work is feasible in a fully online course…like most things with online teaching, group work is possible, it just takes some thinking through in order to structure it meaningfully.

Structuring Effective Online Discussions

nline discussions can be a great way to support active learning in your online course…are different than supporting discussion in a face-to-face teaching context. These are some ideas to think about…Consider making use of small groups.

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Getting Your Online Course Started Off Right

Instructional intelligence can be applied to online learning, however, the ways that it gets enacted may look a bit different in a digital context…there are a few things that instructors can do to help things run more smoothly: Remember to be Social

So, I’ve Got the Technology…Now What?

Now, I’m finding that instructors are starting to focus more of their attention on instructional questions. I am getting asked about things like: how to best organize an online course environment, how to structure online discussions…