Alexandra Makos

Girl using her laptop

How to create online discussion posts

When I think of online discussion posts, I think of them as text-based artefacts that capture elements of our thinking that we would have “said” in a face-to-face interaction. However, since we are not beside each other we need to represent these ideas/thoughts in the medium that our environment permits.

Our own little theme park

It’s been really tough juggling kids, work (teaching online), and school, but my one goal has been and will continue to be keeping my kids curious. Our theme park is messy, but we go with the flow and find the fun in the little things…even building a tower out of Play-doh containers!


Time Management for Students

We have schedules for other parts of our lives, so thinking about your online learning experience as something that requires scheduling…When you break up the weeks or topics into smaller chunks, it will be easier to manage your time.