Preeti Raman

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Using Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom

It is important to have some ground rules with the use of virtual backgrounds. Some other tips for using virtual backgrounds: Don’t wear clothing that’s the same color as your virtual background.

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Your first class on Zoom

For your first class, set aside some time to introduce your students to Zoom…Discuss online etiquette and expectations of the students in your first virtual class and periodically revisit the topics. 

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It’s all about balance

Perhaps you now have too much time on your hands due to lack of structure and routine, or maybe too little time on your hands as you balance your personal life, work and studies.


Managing my own expectations

During a ‘normal’ school year I manage to mostly hide my challenges: I have regular therapy, pace my work better, and have more intensive treatment when needed. At this COVID-19 time–none of those supports are in place.

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Versions of PeppeR

There are two versions of Pepper: Quercus Pepper and Standalone Pepper. Quercus Pepper is designed for people who are familiar with Quercus. We generally recommend that novice instructors use Quercus Pepper, but both versions are available to all OISE instructors.