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Micro-videos as an online assessment submission format

Videos are a great way to mimic classroom activities. You normally ask students to tell/show/demonstrate in your classroom, why not the same now that they are at home? A great thing about online digital submissions, is that they can be any format – pictures, sounds, video, let students be creative.


The past few months were overwhelming for both students and instructors as they transitioned to fully online teaching and learning environments. This is especially true for OISE students who have the dual role of learners and educators. In this interview, PhD student and school-teacher Michelle McKay shares her experience with facilitating an online professional development (PD) session

What students expect from an online course?

I am a proponent of online learning and I chose to do online courses over in-class courses for several reasons, flexibility of time and place being prime. As an online student, I enjoyed some online courses more than others and I thought to myself, what did I expect from a good online course?

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How to create online discussion posts

When I think of online discussion posts, I think of them as text-based artefacts that capture elements of our thinking that we would have “said” in a face-to-face interaction. However, since we are not beside each other we need to represent these ideas/thoughts in the medium that our environment permits.

Oh…so THIS is online learning

First, take a breath. You’ve got this. Then, Start here>> Write down important dates. For a short course, I add to my online calendar and I make an index card I can check off…..Have a time, and a backup time for course work, and try to make it stick.

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Reflections of an Ed Tech Staff

Instructors will want to know how to facilitate online active learning, create alternative assessments methods, host virtual lectures, etc. As faculty support, we need to step up and provide both pedagogical and technical support, as poorly designed online learning activities can have adverse effects.


Time Management for Students

We have schedules for other parts of our lives, so thinking about your online learning experience as something that requires scheduling…When you break up the weeks or topics into smaller chunks, it will be easier to manage your time.