Curriculum questions: Where to start?

I change my profile picture to a picture of myself that I uploaded to the system though I am wondering whether I should keep the daisy since it is better to look at a flower than to look at myself (Oztok, 2020)

People being together

Centering Equity in Remote Learning…

Research has shown Black students don’t feel a sense of belonging in schools. Indigenous, Latinax, LGBTTTIQ, and at times female students also have different experiences with school relationships in comparison to the rest of the population. There are many disparities in student achievement and overall well-being based on race, gender, sexuality, income or other identity markers. These disparities existed in public spaces well before the pandemic, and they continue to exist during COVID-19.

Meme about teaching online

Think about equity in your online discussion

Recently, Phoebe Kang and the library resource team developed a great resource around Equity Focused Digital Pedagogy and Learning… I am just reading through some of the great resources and loved this one about Faculty Focus on “Supporting International Students in the Online Environment”. The article highlights very practical challenges in teaching foreign students.

Ice Breakers – Starting the Online Discussion

Research has shown that addressing social presence and building a sense of belonging can encourage those who are less certain to join in (Garrison & Arbaugh, 2007). One technique to encourage students to engage in a discussion is to create a Starter Activity or Ice Breaker. This activity can take place in its own place or folder and can be the first activity for students before tackling more in-depth discussions related to readings, video lecturers or other content.