Structuring Effective Online Discussions

nline discussions can be a great way to support active learning in your online course…are different than supporting discussion in a face-to-face teaching context. These are some ideas to think about…Consider making use of small groups.

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Getting Your Online Course Started Off Right

Instructional intelligence can be applied to online learning, however, the ways that it gets enacted may look a bit different in a digital context…there are a few things that instructors can do to help things run more smoothly: Remember to be Social

So, I’ve Got the Technology…Now What?

Now, I’m finding that instructors are starting to focus more of their attention on instructional questions. I am getting asked about things like: how to best organize an online course environment, how to structure online discussions…

Teaching online soon? What students want…

As a teacher, what can you do to make your online course less stressful for students? …Give the students 2-3 times of virtual office hours each week… Schedule 2 days off per week. 

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Start Here

Teaching and learning in an online learning environment may be new to many. Providing a clear starting point will be helpful to students who are learning to navigate your online learning environment.