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Micro-videos as an online assessment submission format

Videos are a great way to mimic classroom activities. You normally ask students to tell/show/demonstrate in your classroom, why not the same now that they are at home? A great thing about online digital submissions, is that they can be any format – pictures, sounds, video, let students be creative.

Scripting the Online Experience

Create an online experience with available tools for your students by scripting a memorable experience for them by bringing your pedagogy forward.

Zoom White Board for Student Engagement

The use of a virtual whiteboard in Zoom asynchronous sessions has replaced the physical whiteboard used in traditional classrooms. Although the concept is largely the same, there are extra benefits made possible through the use of digital whiteboards.

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Using Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom

It is important to have some ground rules with the use of virtual backgrounds. Some other tips for using virtual backgrounds: Don’t wear clothing that’s the same color as your virtual background.

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Your first class on Zoom

For your first class, set aside some time to introduce your students to Zoom…Discuss online etiquette and expectations of the students in your first virtual class and periodically revisit the topics. 

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Group Work in Zoom

You may have group course assignments that require students to work together…you can create breakout rooms before the class starts based on established groups for group activities.

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Reflections of an Ed Tech Staff

Instructors will want to know how to facilitate online active learning, create alternative assessments methods, host virtual lectures, etc. As faculty support, we need to step up and provide both pedagogical and technical support, as poorly designed online learning activities can have adverse effects.