Design for Learning: an approach to teaching (1.1)

Design for Learning (1.1)

In this diagram, the design for learning approach is visualized.   This diagram depicts the different learning elements in an online environment, and emphasizes the components most connected to developing interaction and learning while acknowledging the necessary but not sufficient role of information sources and the process of dissemination. 

The point of the diagram is to acknowledge the variety of components that can be involved with technology mediated courses, but to prioritize the elements so as to highlight the learning and meaning-making. 

That is not to trivialize the usefulness of having web-based course notes or quizzes available online for students in a large undergraduate course, for example. 

However, I want to distinguish that kind of technology-mediated experience, which is predominantly focused around the dissemination of information from one which is focused on the development of conceptual understanding in a shared online environment.  Here, ideas remain in a permanent form to be revisited and reworked, improved upon by oneself and others and integrated over time with new understandings.  


Using this model, the central goal is understanding and meaning construction, the heart of good instruction whether online or face-to-face.  All of the other technology-related activities need to be considered in the light of how they are contributing to this central aim.


Diagram: design for learning, an approach to teaching