Hiking on Jeju Olle Friendship Trail

After that delicious pasta salad in the park, I had a ton of energy! Luckily, my friend Aaron invited me on a hike along the Bruce Trail. We drove out of the city and visited Jeju Olle Friendship Trail which was absolutely fitting since Aaron and I have been good friends since 2014!  

Aaron is an incredible photographer (check out his website here!) so he hiked carrying two film cameras, a tripod, a light meter and a flash! Along with his photography gear, he also carried a backpack with snacks and water. After parking in the free lot, we walked roadside to get to the path onto the trail.  

The trail is quite narrow in parts, so often Aaron and I would have to walk behind one another. That was fine with us because we also felt like we had the whole trail to ourselves. With the rain from last weekend, the trees, weeds, and grass were a lush, vivid green.  

About half-way into our hike we came across an abandoned car frame. Aaron and I stopped to take a couple photos, him setting up his tripod, angling and framing the shot with consideration, and well… I quickly snapped this picture before my phone battery died.   

As we continued down the trail, we heard the sound of running water. We knew it was water, and not say wind or traffic because the sound was constant. We also guessed we were getting close to the water because the mosquitoes found us. Unfortunately, neither of us had remembered to pack bug spray. For the future, I’ve made a list of things to remember to pack when going on a hike.   

Things to pack and remember if you’re going on a hike: 

  1. Bug spray 
  1. Sunscreen 
  1. Snacks 
  1. Lots and lots of water 
  1. Phone with full battery 
  1. Compass or map 
  1. Proper footwear and comfortable clothing 
  1. Check for ticks after your hike. 

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