Just handed it in….that just happened…

So I just handed in a project to my last class for my Ph.D. The class was a challenge to me, research methods. Also, I was lucky enough to have started the project early–before the world was turned upside down.

It was not my best work. It was done and complete, and pretty decent–but if I took longer maybe it would have been better. But I no longer had the headspace to tweak it.

And, by handing it in: huge sigh of relief. Yes, I think I could have gotten an extension. But I doubt, tbh if I would have worked more on it. And the relief of checking a box was–not going to lie–amazing.

One thing done. In this crazy world, that matters. I’m hoping teachers think the same right now when they look at our work; and take the work–and us, as students–parents, workers–humans–in context.  I figure the good teachers will.

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