(This post was sent in anonymously by a student)
Managing my own expectations: what’s expected in this time of the unexpected….

As a student with a.. disability? challenge? accomodation? (not sure of the right terms)… I am struggling right now with my own expectations.
During a ‘normal’ school year I manage to mostly hide my challenges: I have regular therapy, pace my work better, and have more intensive treatment when needed. At this COVID-19 time–none of those supports are in place.

I’m guessing there are lots of ‘us’ out there who had ways to manage better during a normal session of University. I am also thinking that with these new levels of stress there are others who previously managed without an outside support system–but who may be thinking at this time, they may need more mental, physical or social supports.

That’s okay. That’s reasonable. That’s expected in this time of the unexpected. 
Try your friend network. Look at what your school or work place has to offer. Try a social network that you feel can meet some of your needs. Take it easy on yourself…find a few things that DO make a difference to how you cope with your own challenge. 

Disclaimer: I am taking my own long weekends. Fridays from early afternoon until Monday mornings. It’s the 1 thing…

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