Mom-Student… Finding balance as an online student and a mother

As a mother of two little ones who keep me on my toes, I am a proponent of online learning. For me, Time and Flexibility were the two main reasons why I chose online courses. Based on my personal experience, I noticed the importance of the time I got to reflect on the ideas being shared in an online course, which most certainly had an impact on the quality of my responses on discussion boards. You’ll still have due dates and deadlines, but you get to choose when to post to discussion boards and do the readings and assignments at your own pace, at a time convenient for you. Additionally, I didn’t have to worry about commuting for in person classes and have arrangements made for my kids to be cared for at home. I strongly believe that online learning has taught me self-discipline and time management. It requires you to be on top of your time management skills. I would like to believe that my online learning experience was a successful one, because I dedicated time slots during the day to login to the online portal and read, to assimilate as much knowledge as I could that was being created by the online community every single day. I also feel that I was able to connect with my instructors and fellow online learners more than I would have in a face-to-face, once a week, in-class course. Online courses…they were a saviour for me as a mom-student!

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