Before joining an online learning class, I would suggest that you prepare for it a bit similar to how you would prepare for a face-to-face class. First, ensure that you’re appropriately dressed and well groomed. This way if you need to stand up for any unplanned reason, there will be no surprises. You can decide to glance at a strategically placed mirror just before joining a meeting. If possible, have a designated spot for attending online sessions. When choosing a spot, remember to select a place with good lighting, so your face is clearly visible to everyone. Add some extra lighting if required. As much as possible, there should be no background noises. However, this may not be possible for many of us, so do the best you can to keep the background noise levels minimal, such as closing windows and doors or putting your audio on mute when you’re not the speaker during the session. I would also recommend engaging the support of family members or house mates to minimize distractions during your classes. A strategy that has proved useful is to ensure that your door is not visible to other participants when placing your device. You may decide to re-arrange your furniture if this helps. Another consideration is selecting a real or virtual non-distracting video background. If you choose to use your physical background, do ensure that it’s tidy and more formal rather than casual.  You may also choose to use your picture as the background and switch off your video. Finally remember to maintain an ergonomic seating position to avoid potential body pains that may result from bad posture. Taking an online class might bring some unexpected challenges, however planning ahead will help contribute to a successful learning experience. 

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