Tips for Preparing for a Unique Online Learning Experience

Congratulations! You have successfully registered for an online course. So, what next?  

In the blog post, Understanding Online Learning Formatswe learn that each online course is structured differently and hence varies from the next. Similarly, each student’s online learning experience will be unique too! The question then is, how can students prepare for each online learning experience? 

There are many ways that students can prepare for a unique learning experience in an online environment. The info graph below shares some useful tips for online learning. In addition, Dr Kim MacKinnon’s video on 5 tips to prepare for online learning provides deeper insights on tailoring student’s preparation to each online course expectations.

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In this post, I will also share some blogs post that can be helpful for students when Preparing for an Online Course. These tips can be used by anyone before they even join an online class! So, whether you are preparing for Your First Class in Zoom or trying to figure out how Using Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom can enhance your online learning experience, rest assured that you’re not alone.  You have access to a wealth of resources in the OISE Online website to support you. Also remember to stay connected with the OISE Online LinkedIn community for regular updates on new and relevant resources for online learning. 

Hurray! Now, you have attended your first online class and you may be wondering Oh…so This is online learning? Yes, despite the looming workload and due datesit may not be so hard after all if you are able to follow the steps suggested in these posts. Remember to Engage whenever you can. The rule of thumb is to choose courses and professors that you find engaging, however, this would also depend on your circumstances or interests. Next, diligently work through your course syllabus.  By the time you understand How to create online discussion posts and how to participate via Group work in Zoom, then you’ve almost mastered the basics. Effective participation in group activities either via discussion forums or zoom will help make connections, build relationships online and benefit from peer support. It is also a great way for Supporting Social Interactions in Online Courses.   I would like to emphasize that Time Management for Students is very important, especially in an online learning environment. Pacing yourself and spreading out your course work is a good strategy to use to avoid getting overwhelmed.  It’s all about balance. Paying attention to how you manage your time daily will help you reduce stress and maintain your mental health. Finally, remember that Its all about perspectives! Online learning involves a Changing of Mindsets. Thus, choosing the right perspective will help students weather the ups and down of online learning. 

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